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egaon!naaare's wooden miscellaneous goods


“Egaon!naaare (egaon naaare!) is a shop that uses wood to make things in Taka Town, a town next to Nishiwaki City.Her father runs Ota Construction, which proposes building houses using wood, and her daughter Tsubasa. makes various kinds of wooden miscellaneous goods.The egg-like "Taka Musubi" made from cypress trees from Taka Town are so popular with everyone that I don't know how many of them have been sold at Tamaki Niiime Shima.The scent and the texture are amazing. It feels good and makes you feel warm just by holding it in your hands.You can put it in your bath to make a "cypress bath", add aroma to it, or use it as a child's toy.Hinoki shavings also have a very nice scent, and Tamaki Niiime Shima sells them as gifts. We have workshops where we make cushioning materials and make pompon balls, and have fun with Tsubasa-san as we make various suggestions. We hope you will feel the comfort of nature and relax."

tamaki niiime shima sales person Yumiko Yamaguchi

The cypress trees in Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture are fragrant and have beautiful bark. Ota Construction, a local company that uses cypress to build houses, has started a woodworking goods brand, egaon!naaare. With the theme of "living with nature," we create miscellaneous goods that blend into your daily life and allow you to enjoy the scent and texture. It has a soothing warmth and is recommended as a gift.


We do not ship outside of Japan.

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egaon!naaare's wooden miscellaneous goods

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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