It makes you lightly.

It is one of a kind.

It is colourful and individualistic.

It isn't shackled to history.

It is only possible to weave in this room.


だから考える だから行動する

思うがままに「実験」を繰り返し 答えを見つけてきたから



We want to know.

So we think and act.

As we experiment many time and find the answer.

We will always find.


tamaki niime

200412 播州織の新解釈と開発を目指して
tamaki niime を立ち上げる
20064 有限会社 玉木新雌 設立
20084 兵庫県西脇市に直営店をオープン
20095 オリジナルショールを発表、製作を開始
20104 直営店を同市に移転
tamaki niime weaving room & stock room
    10 1965年製ベルト式力織機2台を導入
玉木新雌自身が織る only one shawl
20115 1983年製レピア織機を導入
20123 革新編機を導入
20134 tamaki niime weaving room & stock room
20142 コットンの栽培を開始
    8 オランダ製手織機 louët “megado” を導入
    11 丸編機を導入
20155 トックリキワタの栽培を開始
20169 tamaki niime weaving room & stock room
20172 1967年製力織機 2台、整経機を導入
    4 米・野菜の無農薬栽培を開始
    10 ガラ紡機、丸編機 2台を導入
20181 tabe room 開始
20191 大地の再生 スタート
    3 タオル織機 導入

Designer, Niime Tamaki started her own brand “tamaki niime” in pursuit of establishing a new interpretation and furthering the developments for the traditional Banshu-ori. In 2006, she established “tamaki niime Co., Ltd.” and settled in Nishiwaki, Hyogo, an area known for its Banshu-ori, to create her original fabric for clothes. tamaki niime subsequently opened an atelier shop and started to produce and rollout our original shawls in 2008.
We began to grow cotton organically in early 2014 with the aim of sourcing materials with 100% traceability in the future. Since the summer of 2014, a louët megado hand weaving loom from Holland, and circular knitting machine were added to our studio. tamaki niime moved to the geographical center of Japan in 2016. Now we are working in a team with more staff. Exchanging ideas freely helps us work efficiently. With our vintage looms and knitting machines, we produce original fabrics by ourselves, which then are used to create shawls as well as other works. We open the tabe room where is sharing the joy of food in 2018. Furthermore, we start to cultivate the organic rice and vegetables following our beautiful nature. We introduced a towel weaving machine in 2019.