It makes you lightly.

It is one of a kind.

It's colorful and unique.

Doesn't depend on history.

Something that can only be woven here.

We want to know.

So we think and act.

To find an answer we experiment.

We find answers.

And we will continue to do so.


tamaki niime

Designer, Niime Tamaki, started the brand “tamaki niime” in 2004, pursuing a new interpretation of the traditional Banshu-weaving. In 2006 she established “tamaki niime Co., Ltd.” and moved the brand to Nishiwaki City, the textile center of Banshu-weaving. Here, she researched and experimented until she could create a uniquely soft fabric that became the original shawls we released in 2009. After that, in 2010 she opened and managed a shop in Nishiwaki; the same year, a belt-type loom was introduced. The following year another loom was added, a Rapier loom to further the production of tamaki niime textiles. In 2012 whole garments were created and introduced into the brand. Another year passed and the brand moved to a new location in Nishiwaki, 334 Ueno. From there, in 2014, the cultivation of pesticide-free cotton began, intending to be able to source 100% traceable and locally produced materials in the future. That summer an ouët Megado hand-weaving loom from Holland, and a circular knitting machine were added. In 2016 tamaki niime moved again, to the actual location, 550-1 Hiecho, Nishiwaki, where the Navel of Japan is located (the geographical center of Japan). There she was able to further complete the creation and production process with dyeing machines and winders. In 2017 the cultivation of organic rice and vegetables was started and two power looms as well as a circular knitting machine, a spinning machine, and a warping machine were introduced.
In 2018 tabe room was born as a place to share and enjoy good food.
A towel-weaving loom was added to the production line the following year and the Earth Regeneration Project started.
2020 was the year when we inaugurated our Online Shop and finally introduced a CAM (automatic cutting machine).
In 2021, tamaki niime machida opened in Machida city, and the chatting event “Idobatamaki” took place for the first time. Crow chickens and sheep joined the company and, last but not least, tamaki niime won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021. A new shop, called tamaki niime shima, opened in Nishiwaki the following year, a wolf dog, a standard poodle and some goats joined the team. For the first time, a spinning machine was welcomed into the tamaki niime family, and little by little a circular production all-in-one place is growing and taking shape. In 2023, the company was selected as one of the “100 textile companies that will lead the next generation” and was also appointed as Hyogo Field Pavilion Ambassador for Osaka Expo 2025. tamki niime machida and shima closed the same year. The animal families grew further with the addition of alpacas, a horse, black sheep, angora, and cashmere goats. In 2024, tamaki niime okurimon, a special shop that showcases for the first time creations that are pure domestic products, was opened in Kamakura. Here the brand started to sell shawl made with pesticide-free domestic cotton.