Grow Cotton

The land of Banshu the ancestors grew their textiles and crops and lived their lives.
We tamaki niime raises raw cotton follow the old days and want to appreciate natural rich environment with everybody.
We wish a cotton field spreads out all over in Japan and we are hoping that we can make made in Japan from materials.

We are looking for people who want to grow cotton in their own fields or our fields.

- We share seeds of cotton.
- We buy cotton of the farming without agricultural chemicals for 1 kg of 2,000 yen.
(It can be seeded)
- Estimated cotton yield
It is about 1 kg with 10 - 20 trees of cotton.

Cotton cultivation

Prepare for seeding
Two days before seeding, dip the seeds into the water approximately 20°C for two days.(20°C is germination temperature)
The middle of May
(Temperature 15°C)Plant it on the day when it's fine and soil is dried.
It germinates in about one week.
The watering is unnecessary basically, but mowing is needed.
Late July
The first day: White
The second day: Pink
The color of the flower changes.
It greatly grows a seed day by day after flower was scattered.
Until around the beginning of September - around January.
Picks it before a seed splits open and cotton falls.
It becomes a good cotton if you pick after finished blooming.
Dry well to the seed of cotton to prevent from mold growing.