When we thought about what we can do
and acted as the person who lived on this land,
we became present style.
We make honest genuine real and enjoy creation
as hard as possible.

Uncompromising creation

It must be colorful and individualistic
It must be comfortable and soft
It must be one of a kind

We hope our one of a kind creation
makes our life joyful.

It is soft, it is colorful and things you have never seen

With the textile that is becoming the origin of
tamaki niime, we weave loosely as much as possible by using 1960's Shuttle loom
which is already rarely used any more and 1980’s
Rapier loom to make our texture airy.

It is warm and comfortable

Using an old-fashioned circular knitting machine
and by knitting the textile slowly with an air,
we make a soft and comfortable fabric.

The manufacturing that is various in small quantities and is free

Yarn-dyed which is the characteristic of the Banshu-ori.
The dyeing that it often perform by division of labor
but we tamaki niime perform it in-house
and we are studying the colors we want in our way.
By creating a pattern of colors
that can never be produced again,
it will be the only work in the world.

We form creation

The sewing, we create our ideas and make a new pattern and form a sample.
We sew, repair and remake works speedily and those will be lined up in our shop.

By water, wind, shine and the hand

Washed, bathe in the natural shine and wind, it becoms soft and light.
After being checked, they will line up at our shop.

Free creation with no limit

In tamaki niime, there is an environment
where you can create beyond the boundaries
of affiliation and age.
Any working staff can suggest their ideas
and our creation team
makes a sample and will make it a finished product.
Therefore, it doesn't take long for an idea
to become a work and we make use
in the making of work quickly while incorporating customer's requests and opinions.

Various colours and the works that there is only one

In our shop surrounded by rivers and greenery,
only one shawl and wear in the world is lined up for you.
In our spacious shop, you can choose a favorite thing
from the color variations only in directly managed shop.
From time to time, new works
and works for a limited time will appear.

Our shop is renewal opened!
Open : 11:00~17:00
Closed : Monday, Tuesday

Enjoy the blessings of nature

Have a good time with dishes using vegetables
that are kind to the body and delicious coffee.
In a bright and open space where you can feel nature.