How to care

Because we’re weaving fabric that pursues softness, our works are loose texture and it needs delicate handling. For daily care and laundry, please see below and we hope you can cherish our work for as long as possible.

In case a yarn is pulled loose, stretch the fabric in all directions to adjust and cut off the rest of the yarn.

How to wash

Cotton work
Can be washed normally with the washing machine with puttinng the laundry in a fine mesh net.
*Since the mask becomes fluffy when washed by hand, it is recommended to wash with washing machine.)

How to dry

Some asobi / deniime / indigo
Machine wash on the gentle cycle using bleach-free & optical brightener-free soap or mild pH-neutral detergent in fine-mesh net.

Be careful around acids, dyes react to acid.
*Please wash individually to prevent color transfer when you washing.

*It is easy to lose color due to ultraviolet rays so after washing, dry it in the shade and please keep it in the dark.
*Since some asobi is easy to discolor by sun light, we reccomend to turn it over and store.

Wool works
Please do dry cleaning, due to the nature of wool.
If you really want to wash it at home, please press gently to wash.

Since 2022AW “TO knit peak” are made from shrink-proof wool, you can do gentle wash with fine mesh net.

How to dry