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Even if you've seen how rolled omelets are made, most people don't know how clothes are made.
Like food, clothing is something we wear every day, but there are only few places where we can see clothes being made.

We want you to see and touch, and talk with the makers. tamaki niime will open its creation site to the public. Online is useful but, You cannot feel warmth or softness. I believe that creativity, people skills and foresight ability born from the five senses, so I want people to awaken their senses at the manufacturing site.

The Hyogo Field Pavilion is an opportunity to connect with many people. We hope that visitors will experience craftsmanship through the lab tour and connect with various production areas in Hyogo Prefecture, and if new creations could be born from the technology that is there.

When the creator and the user are connected, pleasant things are born, and people want to cherish and use them… This is the beginning of a healthy cycle that is good for the earth and good for our life.

Representative of tamaki niime, Niime Tamaki

* What is Hyogo Field Pavilion
This is an initiative to invite as many people as possible to come, see, feel, and experience the sites of local activities on the occasion of the 2025 Osaka Kansai EXPO. The program is implementing at various companies and facilities in Hyogo Prefecture.