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Iron pot-cooked salt from Iriomote Island


Iriomote Island in Okinawa, which is a World Heritage Site, is 90% jungle. That nature has been protected as a national park. In 2018, Mr Ken Fujimoto of Salt Lab Ishigakijima started salt making which had been halted for 100 years. Among beautiful islands, Iriomote Island has the second highest mountain in Okinawa and it’s blessed with waterfalls and rivers, and the seawater is rich in minerals. The iron pot-cooked salt which is slowly boiled down with the power of steam is sweet, not salty.The richness of Iriomote Island gives it a mild flavor. It’s recommend to pinch of it when cooking rice. It will make the rice more sweetened and will become sticky and tender. Also it brings out the flavor of grilled fish, pork and broth.

Hideaki Ohama System Administrator

Iriomote Island in the Yaeyama Islands Okinawa Prefecture is a jungle where 90% of the island is designated as a national natural park and unspoiled nature is alive.The salt of Iriomote Island is carefully made by hand by the representative, Mr Ken Fujimoto himself as a craftsman. By using steam the heat is transferred evenly so the result is a grainy, mild salt. The minerals flowing from the rich forests of Iriomote Island create a rich ocean and the salt of Iriomote Island has a mild sweetness. Whenever you need a little extra flavor, this will change your usual dishes.


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Iron pot-cooked salt from Iriomote Island

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