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Tsuya no Tama by Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shoten


The sponge is made of konjac which is locally produced in Hyogo prefecture. It has a gentle texture and makes you feel your skin finer. The feeling of use is wonderful and I have been using it for a long time. While Mr. Fujiwara who is the representative of company were working for a cosmetic company, he frustrated by the lack of domestic products. His relatives have been making konjac sponges for over 130 years, and they are made in Japan. He was driven by the desire to take care of it, he took over the Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shoten which had no successor. As in the old days, the sponge is whitened by drying in the sun without using bleach. It becomes soft and pleasant when it’s moistened, I can’t go back to anything else.

Niime Tamaki

Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shoten who has been making konjac sponges since they were established in 1887 in Taka town Hyogo prefecture. The sponge is made by hand in the midwinter inheriting the old-fashioned manufacturing method. Just like edible konjac, it’s washed in water, remove the lye and repeatedly frozen and defrosting to make into sponge. Dried in the sun for more than 10 days to make it white without using bleach and takes another three weeks to dry naturally. No preservatives used. The natural fiber glucomannan absorbs plenty of water and forms a gentle water film on your skin. No need to use soap to refresh your skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, acne and atopic skin.


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Tsuya no Tama by Hatanaka Yoshikazu Shoten

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