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Yamakuni's Iriko


Each fish is vibrant and silvery. Yamakuni's silver iriko does not smell fishy at all, and has a strong flavor. This is because Mr. Koichi Yamashita, "Iriko no Ochan" (old man of iriko), takes care of everything from sorting to bagging with his family of three. We had a chance to work together at an event and he gave us a workshop at tamaki niime, and he was able to tell us how to enjoy it. Same as us, they are face-to face producer. Of course, there are no additives in their iriko, dashi packages or furikake. They are sure to be delicious!

Mio Fujita

Established in 1887. We’ve been devoting on iriko at Kannonji the western tip of Kagawa Prefecture.

We deliver Setouchi-grown iriko.

There are many kinds of iriko such as silver iriko which has no bitterness even if eaten as it is, easy soup stock packs and crispy iriko that can be snack. All of them are easy and tasty and make iriko more familiar.


We do not ship outside of Japan.

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Yamakuni's Iriko

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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