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Matcha store’s Hakka Lai Cha


I start every morning with a cup of this eatable tea. Just pouring hot water is all it takes to make this tea, so it’s great for people like me who eat irregularly, have difficulty cooking for themselves, or busy person. The natural taste of beans and minor grains fills my body and warms me up. Mr. Manabu Matsumoto of Matcha store was charmed by this tea in Taiwan and won a maker’s heart, and brought it to Japan. With this, I can rest easy.

Niime Tamaki

Hakka Lai Cha (Hakka Ground Tea) is an eatable tea which is made from 22 kinds of beans and grains. It’s a Hakka people’s traditional healthy tea that has been made by grinding beans and grains into powder and has been used for 1800 years. Just pour hot water and it goes well with milk or soy milk.

We’re charmed by this ground tea, which has been handed down to the Hakka people and the tea which is sticked to low-temperature roasting to preserve its nutrition. This is the only Hakka Lai Cha delivered to Japan by SIIDCHA, the leading manufacturer in Taiwan which has a café in Jishan.

There is a Hakka proverb that says, "If you drink three cups of ground tea a day, you will never be tired.” It is rich in B vitamins and minerals. This tea is easy to make, fills our body and is good for everyone.


We do not ship outside of Japan.

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Matcha store’s Hakka Lai Cha

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