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sound room


sound room ver.1
Haruka Nakamura「そのあくる日 -sono akuruhi-」
haruka nakamura came to Nishiwaki in 2016.
He felt the people who have took part in tamaki niime, the climate and the new place where before opening. And it's made 13 music that is like send a tender prayer to feeling of each person.
You already listened 「永遠の祈り -eien no inori-」and「そのあくる日 -sono akuruhi-」in the Shop that He presented when tamaki niime was moved to the new place in September, 2016. The representative music 「光 -hikari-」that is new reborn for tamaki niime and more his new fascination you can see in this album. haruka nakamura said that one of his favorite album.
It's finished a pleasant and sophisticated music with his exquisite sound creation by Rashad Becker who is the sound artist and well-known as a mastering engineer in Belrin.

sound room ver.2
Kohei Matsunaga「Panorama walking with The birds and The water decolative sound landscape」
Kohei Matsunaga also know as NHK has his base in his birth place Osaka, Japan and Berlin collaborating with Sean Booth from Autechre, Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic, and Conrad Schnitzler who is the student of Joseph Beuys.
He recorded for label like raster-media by Carsten Nicolai who worked with Ryuichi Sakamoto in the movie “THE REVENANT” with his principle; finding his new emotions and feelings.
This album is based on inspirations he got when he had been visited tamaki niime’s place in Nishiwaki, Japan which they have their own farm, laboratory, factory, shop, and record label called “sound room”.
This is his whole new stage of sound collage which is made by 3 elements. His electronic sound; sounds of water, twitter, and looms all from “tamaki niime” place and its surroundings.

sound room

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