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This soft and tight turtleneck shirt is made of circular rib fabric with elastic.
It is also good for underwear. There are 2 types, long sleeve and half sleeve.
Our shirt is produced by old circular knitting machine with slower speed for making soft plain stitch fabric. This soft texture will never change. We use many kinds of yarn and colors for making one of a kind. The yarn we use is dyed in our workshop to changing the color scheme little by little.

size: tatoru 0 / Shoulder Width 29cm Body Width 35cm Length 67cm
       Sleeve Length 58cm
   mini tatoru / Shoulder Width 29cm Body Width 34cm Length 55cm
       Sleeve Length 56cm
   5bu tatoru / Shoulder Width 28cm Body Width 34cm Length 65cm
       Sleeve Length 31cm

One of a kind


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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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