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Katsura Farm's herbal water


“Katsura Farm has been in the forestry industry in Tanba Sasayama City since her grandfather’s generation.His daughter, Miyuki Katsura, makes use of thinned wood and waste wood to create essential oils and aromatic distilled water from cypress, cedar, and black moji.In the forest It has a deep, calming scent that makes you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.If you like natural aromas, you'll definitely notice the high quality with just one push.The outdoor spray is blended with essential oils that are repellent to insects. A special, high-quality scent.Herbal water can be used as a room spray, on masks, pillows, and even in your car.The charm of Katsura Farm is the enthusiasm and inquisitive spirit of creating products with a focus on quality.Please use wood in your daily life. The scent of

tamaki niime shima sales person Yumiko Yamaguchi

Making use of thinned wood and waste wood Essential oils or room spray Handmade. Cutting a tree properly mountains, forests, fields Leading to nurturing If you can get people interested in mountains. Miyuki Katsura was born into a forestry family. That's how I started. Hinoki, cedar, and black moji are All from Tamba Sasayama. Hinoki and cedar have insect repellent and deodorizing properties. Kuromoji has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also liked by men A soothing scent. Also recommended as a gift.


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Katsura Farm's herbal water

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