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Making the most of deer leather, tetsuko were created each piece by hand.
“I want a cover for the handle of an iron pot!” tetsuko was created by the direct request from Niime Tamaki.
The drop-like shape is lovely wrapped around a handle, used as a pot holder or coaster, or even as a bag charm.
It’s created from deer skin that had been harmful animal control in Taka-cho Hyogo Prefecture, using a sewing machine that is used for denim.
Each piece has a different thickness, wrinkles, scratches and small holes, but we wanted them to be loved as they are, so we left them in their natural state.
It goes much better with the heavy feel of the iron pot than cloth, and the gentle texture makes you feel warm and comfy when you lay it out.
Simple is best.
I thought of various forms, but rather than elaborate, it is best to keep it as it is.
They accent the table, soI hope people will enjoy them every day.
My recommendation is to use as a whiskey coaster, which I think is really cool.

Naomi Miyazaki, Sewing Team

tamaki niime’s tetsuko, it can be used as a handle cover and also as a pot holder or a coaster.
Making the best use of deer that had been harmful animal control, “TASHIKA” in Taka-cyo Hyogo Prefecture produces additive-free dog food and we use those deerskin and created by hand.
There are no angles, so it's easy to wrap around. The string is also deer leather.
Sewing one piece at a time on a denim sewing machine. The holes are punched by hand, one by one, and the logo is branded on each piece.
It could be thick or thin, wrinkles and scratches are natural and love the deer leather itself.
From basic colors to turquoise blue and red, beautiful colors are available.

Size Height Width
FREE 17cm 14cm
material:Deer leather
Since deer leather is natural leather, there are some scratches and uneven color.


We do not ship outside of Japan.

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