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deniime QUEEN


The deniime of tamaki niime that is free from hardness and heaviness.
While the coolness of the denim that continues to be loved is remains, it is slowly woven on a power loom from the 1960’s to make it airy and unprecedented comfort.
Further sticking point of deniime QUEEN is the color.
The colors are switched between two or more.
The yarn is wound based on detailed calculations and pitch of the color is adjusted while weaving.
We take time and effort to create a color scheme that appeals to you.
We considered over and over how to weave, cut, and sew the parts together then completed.
It's casual, but not ordinary.
That is QUEEN.

《About our denim》
Our denim is slowly woven by a power loom of the 1960s at tamaki niime's Lab. We offer seven types with different colors and textures.

5/1 Twill weave
The most standard denim. Skip a lot of threads that intersect vertically and horizontally to make it softness and volume.

5/1.3/3 Twill weave
Denim that gives a sense of vividness and elasticity.

We arranged twill weave originally which is rarely seen in denim. By using colored yarns for the warp yarns and adjusting the way the yarns are skipped, a diamond pattern with a rich expression is created.

A new frontier of deniime, born by trying plain weave. It looks like there are mountains and valleys on the fabric, so we named it une meaning ridge. If we weave it in one color, you can feel the "ridge" to the touch, and if we use bright colored threads on the lining, the "ridge" will appear. It looks hard, but the back side which touch your skin is soft.

This is the softest denim we’ve ever made. Based on a twill weave, the weft yarns are placed firmly on the surface so that the colors take center stage. We have pursued a shape, size, and arrangement that looks beautiful. Like embroidery, it’s a denim which has a hand-crafted look with the colors taking the lead.

K denim
We made the simple twill weave changed to a crafty look and feel by adding bumpy slub yarn. It has crisp and cool touch so perfect for spring and summer. The "K" in K Denim stands for firefly. The small patches of indigo appear like fireflies in the night sky.

∞ mugen
By focusing on "softness" to the fullest, we have created a pair of denim that is both easy and cool. Thick yet light and gentle to the touch. By incorporating horizontal double weave, which joins two pieces of fabric based on twill weave, and creating fine grounding points, the fabric has the elasticity of a knit. Stretchy and soft, exceeding the limits of conventional denim. Fabrics that combine slub yarn with non-twist yarn are also available.

5/1 twill weave using white warp threads. You can enjoy different colors from indigo.

Size Waist Hip Length Hem
zengo 1 68cm 120cm 86cm 46cm
zengo 2 70cm 130cm 100cm 50cm
happy 1 68cm 106cm 91cm 32cm
happy 2 68cm 114cm 100cm 36cm
marupo 1 68cm 106cm 98cm 44cm
marupo 2 70cm 116cm 105cm 48cm
Size Waist Hip Length (longest) Length (shortest)
360° 1 68cm 104cm 76cm 72cm
360° 2 68cm 112cm 84cm 79cm

・The waist is made of rubber.

*The dimensions are reference values. Each piece is handmade, so there are individual differences even in the same work.


One of a kind

deniime QUEEN

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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