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deniime KING


Unleashed from hardness and weight, tamaki niime’s deniime.
We kept the coolness of denim that keep in loved.
By slowly weaving with a power loom of the 1960s,
it's airly and has unprecedentedly gentle touch.
The deniime KING is made using carefully selected threads which made from an arrange winder.
It’s a deep sensed denim.
The only denim that beyond stereotypes, free and unique designed.

《What is Arrange Winder?》
Arrange Winder is a machine that can design threads itself by connecting multicolored threads and winding them into a single thread.
When weaving the fabric with this thread, you can create a color, the gradation and nuance as you imagined.

Size Waist Hip Length Hem
zengo KING 1 68cm 120cm 86cm 46cm
zengo KING 2 70cm 130cm 100cm 50cm

・The waist is made of rubber.


One of a kind

deniime KING

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