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    5 pockets denim with simple design.
    Because slowly weaving with a power loom of the 1960s, it's soft and comfortable to wear.
    Loosely from the waist to the buttocks and the hem width is narrow and the silhouette is neat.
    Well-balanced with tops, easy to coordinate.
    It's a Denim pants that make your days happy.

    《About our denim》
    Our denim is slowly woven by a power loom of the 1960s at tamaki niime's Lab. We offer seven types with different colors and textures.

    Made with selected threads which made from an arrange winder, a deep sensed denim.

    Denim that is cut at the color switching points and to enjoy the colored threads.

    5/1 Twill weave
    The most standard denim. Skip a lot of threads that intersect vertically and horizontally to make it softness and volume.

    5/1.3/3 Twill weave
    Denim that gives a sense of vividness and elasticity.

    8/4 Twill weave
    Denim that is woven more softer and more vividly.

    11/1 Twill weave
    Pursuing softness to the utmost limit. Comfortable and voluminous like sweat fabric.

    We arranged twill weave originally which is rarely seen in denim. By using colored yarns for the warp yarns and adjusting the way the yarns are skipped, a diamond pattern with a rich expression is created.

    A new frontier of deniime, born by trying plain weave. It looks like there are mountains and valleys on the fabric, so we named it une meaning ridge. If we weave it in one color, you can feel the "ridge" to the touch, and if we use bright colored threads on the lining, the "ridge" will appear. It looks hard, but the back side which touch your skin is soft.

    This is the softest denim we’ve ever made. Based on a twill weave, the weft yarns are placed firmly on the surface so that the colors take center stage. We have pursued a shape, size, and arrangement that looks beautiful. Like embroidery, it’s a denim which has a hand-crafted look with the colors taking the lead.

    5/1 twill weave using white warp threads. You can enjoy different colors from indigo.

    Size Waist Hip Length Hem
    1 68cm 106cm 91cm 32cm
    2 68cm 114cm 100cm 36cm

    ・Rubberized waist and hem.


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