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It's okay to wear around at 360 degrees.
A skirt that is a little distorted and it's bumpy and has a handicraft feel.
Made from 6 piece pants pattern sewn together.
By slowly weaving with a power loom of the 1960s,
unleashed from its hardness and weight, make it soft and comfortable.
It’s a denim that goes beyond the common sence and only tamaki niime can create.

《About our denim》
Our denim is slowly woven by a power loom of the 1960s at tamaki niime's Lab.
We offer seven types with different colors and textures.

Made with selected threads which made from an arrange winder, a deep sensed denim.

Denim that is cut at the color switching points and to enjoy the colored threads.

5/1 Twill weave
The most standard denim.
Skip a lot of threads that intersect vertically and horizontally to make it softness and volume.

5/1.3/3 Twill weave
Denim that gives a sense of vividness and elasticity.

8/4 Twill weave
Denim that is woven more softer and more vividly.

11/1 Twill weave
Pursuing softness to the utmost limit.
Comfortable and voluminous like sweat fabric.

5/1 twill weave using white warp threads.
You can enjoy different colors from indigo.

Size Waist Hip Length
1 68cm 104cm 74cm
2 68cm 112cm 79cm

・The waist is made of rubber.


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