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The inseam of this pants is long like harem pants. It is front-to-back reversible styling with 4 pockets.
We weave up our products using looms at their lowest speed. Through it takes time, it makes them softer and more comfortable.
QUEEN:The fabric is cut at the point of switching its color.
KING:The fabric is made by a machine designing thread called “arrange winder.”
5/1 twill : The fabric weaved 5/1 twill as standard denim for pants.
5/1, 3/3 twill : This is more colorful and tense than 5/1 twill.
8/4 twill : This is weaved 8/4 twill for being softer than usual.
111 twill : We pursue soft denim and create it like fleece.
White : We use white warp with 5/1 twill.
size: 1 / Waist 68cm Hip 120cm Length 86cm Hem 46cm
   2 / Waist 70cm Hip 130cm Length 100cm Hem 50cm
・The waist is made of rubber.

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