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fuwa-T ALL


This A-line dress is long sleeve and good for feminine style. If you wear several layers, you can wear it comfortably through the year.
There is some disparity in the length of it.
It is as if you wear nothing because the soft fabric of our dress is low density and the weight is light.
All of our items are one of a kind with the combination of pattern and color scheme.

size:fuwa-T ALL / Body Width 78cm Length 105cm Sleeve Length(Center Back)75.5cm
   fuwa-T ALL 0 / Body Width 66cm Length 104cm Sleeve Length(Center Back)70cm
・Length is an average value.
 There will be a difference of +−5cm depending on the width of the fabric used.

One of a kind

fuwa-T ALL

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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