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tarun pants

Price ¥20,000〜29,000

Harem pants with playful mind make you stylish and carefree.
We combine vertical, horizontal and diagonal fabric.
We pursue comfortable clothes. The difference between our fabrics and others is a yarn made by twining fine threads. If you wear it once, you would want to wear it again and again.
All of our items are one of a kind with the combination of pattern and color scheme.
size: SUPER LONG / Width at Waist 72cm Length 99cm Hem 52cm
   LONG / Width at Waist 72cm Length 87cm Hem 52cm
   SHORT / Width at Waist 70cm Length 76.5cm Hem 50cm
・The waist is made of rubber.

One of a kind

tarun pants

    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.

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