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This headband is made of cotton.

ribbon: The ring is movable so you can move it back on your head for using as a turban. You can enjoy to wear it for both feminine and casual.

nejiri: The two rings crossed so you don’t need to do styling it. Just by wearing it, looks good.

musubi: You can wear it as a bandana, a turban for both sunshade and giving accent for your styling.

riryi: This gathered headband is made of a lining of cotton and good for feminine style.

jizai: You can tie it freely.
size: ribbon / Around the head 56cm Width 16.5cm
   nejiri / Around the head 58cm Width 13cm
   musubi / Length 120cm Width 21cm
   riryi / Around the head 58cm Width 12.5cm
   jizai / Length 134cm Width 65cm
・The width is measured at the longest place.

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