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The short sized leg/arm warmer.
It’s a cotton leg warmer but can be an arm warmer as well.
It cover your arm to block the intense sunlight and prevent from coldness, too.
“Boso” is the name given to the arm cover in Fukui prefecture where Tamaki was born by calling it “Teboso”.


Our theme of Spring & Summer in 2020 is soil. We designed Kanji “土 means soil” on it. There is a lot of variances texture by using slub, untwisted and two folded yarn.

We created the universe on it. You can see Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

Looks like temple’s pillar with checkered patterns. It is very soft with untwisted yarn.

It is soft and smooth texture made of 3 or 4 cotton threads. If you put it side by side, you can see a tree and animals in forest. They are hiding on it like rabbits, birds...

Rib and stripe
It is more soft texture made of untwisted threads with a good fit because they are elastic.There are 2 types, with a hole for putting a thumb outside and without a hole.
material:cotton95% nylon4% polyurethane1%
size: Tsuchi pattern / Length 34cm Width 8m
   Saturn pattern / Length 33cm Width 9cm
   Stripe pattern / Length 37cm Width 8cm
   Dot pattern / Length 34cm Width 8.5cm
   Rib&Striped pattern / Length 37cm Width 6cm
   Woods pattern / Length 35cm Width 8.5cm

One of a kind

boso SHORT

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