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ease pants


Because it’s so comfortable, it’s named ease pants.
It’s light, airy and excellent breathability.
Cool and comfortable even in hot weather, tamaki niime's first knitted pants.
It’s 100% cotton and four types of yarns of different thicknesses and shapes are combined.
It is comfortable to the touch and can be easily washed at home.
It has pockets and wide silhouette is great for both men and women.
It is so light and easy to wear that you could just jump out of bed and go straight out.

Size Waist Hip Length Hem
1 68cm 110cm 98cm 56cm
2 68cm 110cm 105cm 56cm

・The waist is made of rubber.


One of a kind

ease pants

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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