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Food Hub Project snack


We want to leave the food of the land to the next generation. "Food Hub Project" in Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture who work with such a desire. Amidst the depopulation of the region, the younger generation and local people are connecting, and efforts centered on "food" are continuing. Aging population and lack of successors in agriculture is the same in all regions.
If we can make a cycle of local production and local food by linking small-lot production and small-lot consumption, there is surely something that can be done anywhere in Japan. The Food Hub Project's idea has something in common with nature brand "tamaki niime". They want people to know about their activities by handling even if people are in different areas. We are the kind of creators who want to support each other.

"Kamiyamameito" is a snack made from baking flour with rice bran, rice flour, rice oil and soy milk. It was born from an idea that is local farmer's snack that used to made from rice bran. Rice bran is a byproduct of agriculture, and it's great that something delicious can be made from it. “Uzushio no Hana" sweet potato chips from Arii Shoten, made from Narutokintoki in a simple package by collecting broken pieces. Both are popular snacks that sell out immediately."

tamaki niime shima & PR manager Ryuta Fujimoto

"Kamiyamameito" is a simple baked sweets made by local mothers and the younger generation. Rice bran and rice flour used for dough are specially cultivated rice from Tsunagu Farm. Instead of butter, rice oil and organic soy milk are used to make the dough. The result is a natural taste that is kind to the body. “Uzushio no Hana" sweet potato chips are made by slicing Narutokintoki and covered with sugar like imo-kenpi style. A simply packed Arii Shoten ‘s popular product that is salty-sweet taste chips makes you can’t stop eating. It’s a snack that from children to adults can't help but love.


We do not ship outside of Japan.

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Food Hub Project snack

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