#26 Skin Memory and Happiness

2023 . 02 . 18

We are always living and dying
inside our bodies.

Every day 400 billion cells die of their own accord.
It’s called apoptosis, and when our cells are damaged, change into something malignant or age, they are programmed to die on their own.
It is also for new cells to live.

It’s this balance of cells that die and cells that are born that allows us to live today.

About 40% of brain cells are replaced in a month.
All gastric mucosa is replaced in about three days.
All of the intestinal mucosal cells are replaced in approximately one day.
About 96% of liver cells are replaced in a month.
About 90% of kidney cells are replaced in a month.
About 60% of muscle cells are replaced in a month.
All skin is replaced in about one month.
Blood is replaced in 100-120 days.
Bones are replaced in about 1.5 years for infants, less than 2 years for growth, about 2.5 years for adults and over 70 years of age, all are replaced in about 3 years.

Amazing self-renewal power. Self-healing power. This is the power of life.

When I told this story at a lecture one day, a participant asked me this question.

“If all the skin is replaced in a month.
Why do atopic dermatitis sufferers keep their symptoms the same, in some cases for decades?”

At that time, I was to be at a loss because I did not have a medically explainable answer, and I remember telling him something like this.

“Perhaps, when cells are replaced, the memories of the old cells are transferred to the new cells. The skin’s memory of being crumbly, prickly, tingly, itchy and painful.
So even if the cells are renewed, they may be replaced as we remember them.”

I was not sure, of course, but I answered on the spur of the moment.
But a few years later, I met a woman and she told me this story.

“She had developed intractable dermatitis all over her body soon after birth and her skin has been dry, itchy and flaky, and she has never been able to get rid of steroids.

But after I got married and my husband started massaging my whole body with oil every day, it was only after a while that I got the feeling that it felt good to have my skin touched.
The sensation of being pleasantly touched by skin was a surprise, because until now I had only felt crusty or uncomfortable when I was touched by skin.

What was even more amazing was that after that day, my skin all over my body was replaced by healthy skin.
I no longer need steroids and I rarely have to worry about my skin.”

She had such beautiful skin that it was hard to believe that she had been suffering from intractable dermatitis for more than 20 years.

When I heard that story, her skin’s memory changed! I thought.
When the skin has its first memory of “feeling good,” that memory information is also transferred to the next cell, and the skin that can feel good is born more and more I thought.

There is no scientific basis for this experience.
But there is an instinctive certainty.

The skin has a memory capacity.
What made you happy when you were patted, what made your heart ache when you were hugged, what made you sad when you were hit, what made you scared, these things are stored and remain not only in your brain but also on your skin.


Please touch, hug, cuddle with people, and interact with animals, with soil, with plants.

That’s how we increase the well-being of the skin that surrounds us!
Maybe when we’re all wrapped up in the skin of happy memories, the level of happiness in our bodies will grow too!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue