#25 Do you have a great working caecum?

2023 . 01 . 29

Actually, I don’t have one myself because I “cut my caecum ” when I was 20s.
The “cecum,” often described as a “cut cecum,” is located at the border of the small and large intestines.
What is actually cut is the thin pouch called the “appendix” attached to the tip of the cecum.

There has long been a perception in modern medicine that this is something that the human body does not need.
Similarly recognized tissues are
wisdom teeth
and others.
But is there anything that the human body does not need to have?

The appendix is said to be prone to inflammation and
inflammation causes fever and is very painful,
in some cases, they can rupture and
it can result in life-threatening conditions.
If you don’t have to have it, then if there is any sign of inflammation,
just cut it off! ! This was the usual plan.


In recent years, it has come to be recognized that the caecum is an important organ that performs a very important function.

Four appendix surprises in a row!!

1) We make large amounts of immunoglobulin A (IgA antibodies) daily in the appendix!
These IgA antibodies help maintain the balance of indigenous bacteria in the colon to respond immediately to pathogenic microorganisms and prevent intestinal inflammation!
It plays a key role in intestinal immunity.

2) The appendix is a shelter for all those good microbes!
It is a temporary refuge for good microorganisms when there is an emergency in the intestine, such as when the balance of pathogenic microorganisms prevails in the intestine or when diarrhea occurs in large numbers due to a cold or food poisoning.
During the evacuation, IgA antibodies respond to pathogenic microorganisms.
Once it’s safe, they pop out of the appendix again and resume their work in the intestines!

3) The lymphoid tissue of the appendix is the teacher of all those good microbes!
It’s also a place to teach and train the immune system of the good microorganisms.
These smarter, better microorganisms keep the gut healthy by suppressing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms!

(4) During the fetal period, the appendix makes life-sustaining amino acids and hormones to support the baby’s physical development!

It’s amazing. Even though it’s such a small bag.

If an important function, you don’t want to lose as much of your organization as possible.
Until really recent years, it was treated as “let’s cut it early”.
Now, however, the plan is to “leave as much as possible”.

What was once common sense can suddenly be turned upside down.
So I hope same as us, have the sensitivity and wisdom to face our own bodies and learn about each being, listen to its voice, and examine it.

By the way, I had an appendectomy when I was in my 20s and this was a misdiagnosis.
I was admitted to the emergency room with severe pain in my right abdomen and went in for surgery with the diagnosis that it was probably appendicitis, and when the abdomen was opened, there was no inflammation of the appendix.
The cause of my severe pain was something else, and oh my goodness, my appendix, which was not inflamed, had been removed.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue