#24 Hexagonal Miracle

2023 . 01 . 16

The only thing that comes to mind with hexagons is
Crystal Cluster
tortoise shell
green pepper
hemp leaf pattern
and snowflake

Among them, the beauty of hexagonal snowflakes is like a miracle.
I never thought water could make such a shape.

But we also have it in our bodies.
Hexagonal structure.

University of Washington
Dr. Gerald Pollack announced that water has a fourth phase.

First phase: liquid
Second phase: solid (ice)
Third phase: not only a gas (water vapor), water in a liquid crystalline state that forms only when it comes in contact with the side of a hydrophilic substance.
This is the fourth phase.

For example, when water is poured into a glass cup the water in the center of the cup and the water facing (in contact with) the glass in the cup have different structures.
The water is connected by hexagons, like a honeycomb.

This hexagonal structure of water has a miraculous function.

It’s said an energy converter to enter light, energy, sound, prayer, psychic and to output immunity, self-healing and exercise.

Our bodies are about 70% water, but water in our cells and outside, both water facing almost anything.
For example, water facing the cell membrane, nucleus or mitochondria can be said to be water of the fourth phase with a hexagonal structure.
The water in our bodies could be considered to be filled with water from the energy converter.

What if the water in our bodies is inputting light, energy, sound, prayer and psychics, and outputting immunity, self-healing, and movement.

Once, a photo book called “Messages from the Water” was sold.
It’s a book of pictures of crystals that prepares some pure water and tell one, “I love you,” and tell the other, “BAKAYAROU,” and took a picture of the crystals that form when the water is frozen.

The original water is the same,
but the “I love you” one makes beautiful hexagons, while the “BAKAYAROU” one snorts and falls apart.

Now, what form would our body water take if we froze it?

What kind of light do you usually receive?
Are you in the sun?
Are you looking at the moonlight?
Are you giving and receiving loving, kind, and friendly words?
Are you praying for someone and receiving a cheer from someone else?

And do you have enough potent water in your body to receive them and output immunity?

Are you not anemic?
Isn’t it full of fat?
Is water that has not been purified circulating in your body?

Is the water you take on a daily basis clean?
Is the water in your vegetables, the water in your fruit, the water in your meat healthy?

The power of water is the power of life.
Our life force is not only in the hands of drugs and medical advances.

The year 2023 has begun.
Let’s learn another year of protecting water, being protected by water, and the beauty of harmony with nature.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue