#16 Intuitive ability and Jacobson organ

2022 . 08 . 08

This time I’m talking about the serious “sense of smell”.

Newborn babies are actually almost blind.
If I say in terms of vision, it’s about 0.01.
Also they can’t distinguish the color.

And also their hearing is immature,
it takes until about 8 months of age to be able to identify sounds
like an adult.

Because there is so little information that can be gathered from what they see and hear.
They’re born with two senses that are strengthened as if to compensate for it.

The first thing is “tactile sense”.

Babies’ skin is so genius.
It can tell who is touching with what feeling and what kind of love.
The more we touch them the more they learn the shape of their body.
To be able to recognize their own presence through skin contact makes their curiosity about the outside of world such as there is something other than themselves!
Skinship, so important!

And another thing is “sense of smell”.

Babies are born with a much stronger sense of smell than adults.
They have only one purpose.
To remember mother’s smell.
Let’s call it an animal instinct.
If they cannot smell their mother who gave birth, they can’t survive.
They have to sniff it out, ask for it and get the breast milk.

It leads to a successful sniffing experience.

Suppose a baby cries and a grandmother is holding baby.
The baby knows what grandma smells like and I like this person but it’s not you right now〜, then they can’t stop crying.

Next, let’s say grandma gives baby to their dad.
The baby knows what daddy smells like and I like him but it’s not you right now〜, then they can’t stop crying.

Finally, let’s say the father gives baby to their mother,
with a laugh like
“I knew I had to have boobs.”

Babies can scent out their mother’s scent,
“Ahhhhh〜,this smell… it’s my mother〜
Touching a soft tits and
suck on it,
when this smell confirms that this is the only mother in the world,
it nurtures the baby’s sense of smell as a successful experience.

It later became not an ability to sniff out curry or stew, but when they are at a crossroads in their life, they will know what to do and which way to choose.

There’s a place where they can even sniff out which way they should to go and connects to their intuition right in their nose.
Its name is

Jacobson organ.

By the healthy functioning of the Jacobson organ
our life is sniffed out by the good way and it can be colorful and
sometimes they can be life-saving.
A very important function.

But recently that Jacobson organ is has ceased to work.
The reason for this is that they all smell the same and the experience of sniffing them out are not nurtured.
By clothes laundered with detergents and fabric softeners containing strong artificial fragrances, babies experience the same scent no matter who hugs them.
They grow up without having had the successful experience of recognizing their mother by sniffing her and having a breast.

And also if nasal congestion becomes chronic due to rhinitis or other factors, and mouth breathing becomes a habit, Jacobson organs will not function properly.

To breathe properly through the nose.
Because it’s a natural scent that disappears, we memorize as a smell and we can act to seek out that scent by smelling, so let’s avoid artificial fragrances that remain forever.

Why not be more aware of this than ever before?

Intuition comes from a healthy sense of smell!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue