#15 I love mother!

2022 . 07 . 23

I used to be a nurse
in a children’s hospital.

There were few children’s hospitals in Japan in those days and children with serious illnesses that were difficult to treat at local hospitals came from all over Japan.

Life has no priorities, but
there was still the earnest wish of the adults

to “save from the children”.

Both the medical team and the parents have the same goal.

The children were given state-of-the-art medical care.
Treatment techniques, experience, and medications were all state-of-the-art.
It was repeated day after day after day.

Because “we wanted help them”.

“I wonder how the kids felt…”
I don’t know how much I thought about it later.

The state-of-the-art medical care
is not easy.
The children I met were going through a harsh and extreme medical treatment that sometimes made even adults scream.

Why did they do their best?
Why could they do their best?

We have seen many children have treatment and leave the hospital in good health.
So I am not an opponent of modern medicine.

However, I have seen many lives that could not be saved even with the most advanced treatment and earnest prayers.

And many children seemed to be able to foresee it.

Will their own future continue beyond this rigorous treatment or
or not.

Children done their best even though they knew it wouldn’t last.

Through nursing experience at Children’s Hospital, I’m thinking I was thought how much parents love their children and that was immeasurable, but more than that through their strong, unwavering and painful feelings of

“I love my mother!”

the children taught me through the way they put their lives on the line.

They wanted to be near their mom, who they love and
they wanted to do their best to fulfill the wishes of their beloved mother, and I lived to the very last moment.
Really to the end, looking at their mother’s face and begging her to hold them.

and keep saying

“I love you mom”

and sometimes
“I’m sorry mom”.

So that I want to take my speakers and raise my voice and go around Japan.

“All of you mothers〜! The kids love you so much〜!!
Did you get it〜!!”

Raising a child is not the mother’s sole responsibility or duty.
I’m not writing to put pressure on mothers.
I just have a reason to tell you.

Summer vacation is here.

To make it as easy as possible for children and their mothers to have a fun and irreplaceable time with plenty of time to spend

The country, the city, the community, the fathers, the grandfathers, the grandmothers, please support mothers.

Please bring your wisdom and kindness in action so that mothers can live joyfully and vibrantly!

If mothers could face their children while being at peace and having a lot of smiles on their faces,
I think the children will be able to recharge their energy for life this summer.

I hope that they will be able to end their summer vacation with full of energy to go on.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue