#14 It’s so special and only one that makes you cry

2022 . 06 . 28

Women have two ovaries on each side of the body.
Those ovaries already host the eggs that will ovulate throughout their lives when they are in the mother’s belly.

If the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly is a girl, the grandchildren for the mother are inhabiting the baby’s body.
Daily mental and physical health during pregnancy and the choices we make and the way we live our lives are linked to the health of our grandchildren.
I think this is a wonderful mechanism.

When girls reach a certain age, they ovulate and menstruate, and they cycle this month they ovulate on the right side, and next month on the left side.
The image is that the eggs near the exit of the ovary are automatically released alternately.
I had that image in my mind.
How about you?

In fact, around the time of approaching ovulation, the body makes multiple entries of the eggs of this ovulation.
Only one of them has been selected.

I don’t know if it’s a discussion or a candidacy, but only one is chosen.

The selected oocyte begins preparing for ovulation in the ovary.
It grows bigger and bigger.
And finally, the day of ovulation.

The ovary is an organ that does not have an ovulation outlet.
There is no exit anywhere!!

What would they do then.

What a surprise, the egg itself makes its way into the ovary, makes its way out,
put simply it makes a hole in the organ and goes out.

I don’t think anyone taught them but, it’s amazing energy to make new pathways
in the ovaries every month to ovulate on their own.

Some women experience abdominal pain at the time of ovulation,
and a small amount of bleeding may come down mixed with discharge,
because the egg is affected when it is released out of the body.

We’re going to nurture new life!

It is as if it has such straightforward thoughts.
The egg’s courageous action is ovulation. I personally imagine that and it warms my heart.

When the egg is safely ovulated and reaches the fallopian tubes leading to the uterus,
sperm arrive at the fallopian tubes.

In a single ejaculation, an estimated 100-400 million sperm are released into the uterus, the first prize winner who wins the competition among them win the right to meet the egg, or something like that.
I had that image.
How about you?

What a surprise, In November 2020, Tohoku University discovered and published the paper that “sperm help each other to swim to the egg”.
They were creating a cooperative swimming effect, helping each other to swim better to reach the egg.

Furthermore, a few years ago, I heard that the only one that can be fertilized at the moment of ejaculation is fixed, and the rest of the sperm are guardians.
Perhaps one day this can be explained scientifically.

The path to fertilization is for the egg and for the sperm
it’s not an easy one, but it is rather harsh.

In addition, there are many cases in which they cannot meet each other at the place where they go.

In such a situation, we are living, meeting, and living together now.
How precious and wonderful is our relationship!

We were all born in an extraordinary miracle.
Let us continue to meet, rejoice, and live together, celebrating each other’s existence.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue