#13 Didn’t expect aura was!

2022 . 06 . 21

There are people who can see auras.
I can’t see it. Unfortunately!

By the way, my oldest daughter was a visible child until the fifth grade.
She was a child who enjoyed seeing auras and invisible beings.

It seems that once she realized she was a human being, she became invisible.
It’s her life experience that is living as a human is hard sometimes to keep an open heart, and she needs to close her heart depending on the situation.
When she could no longer see it, she cried a lot.

A bit exaggerating,
but that is how I felt watching my eldest daughter.


It’s a layer of spiritual radiant, energies, electromagnetic particles emanating from the living organism
or there are even theories about visual abnormalities, seizure precursors, hoax and occult. What do you think about it?

I am now obsessed with this theory.
What it is the aura was microbial!!

According to a study by Argonne National Laboratory,
microorganisms in our body come out of our body when we exhale, when we fart and lots of indigenous microorganisms are on our skin,
and when we walk or move, they flutter up and float around our bodies.
Yes, we live surrounded by our own microbial cloud.

It’s called the MICROBIOME CLOUD.

When we pass each other, feel the breeze,
shake hands, hug, then

my microbiome and the other person’s microbiome mix
and take each other or leave each other.

Maybe having good chemistry means
microorganisms fits well.

Maybe the reason why we miss a certain person irresistibly,
our microbe misses that person’s microbe or

pain pain go away.
This may also be fulfilled by the healing power of the microorganisms
that come out of the palm of our hands.

And I suspect that what we call an aura
shows up as the light
of the richness of the diversity of my microbial cloud.

It’s really fun to think about that!!

If so!!!

It is important to protect the microorganisms
in our bodies and on our skin.

Excessive alcohol disinfection or
too much sterilization
shading the clouds of our microbiome
and make it small,
then it may discourage people from the desire to interact
with people and people, people and plants, people and animals, and people and nature.

I think we need to feel once again
that is we cannot live
without microorganisms.

It is known that 1 gram of soil contains 1 trillion microorganisms.
There is a word

that the human and soil cannot live apart.

Touching the soil is skinship with the earth.
I want to make a habit of touching the soil at least once a day!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue