#9 A Story of Soil, Water and Vibration

2022 . 04 . 07

Once upon a time
When the earth was born there were no oceans.
There was no life on this earth, which was a block of stone.

Once, water was poured on the earth (there are various theories that the moon carried the water or that mars carried the water) and the gravitational pull caused by the wind and the moon caused the water to vibrate which caused waves

Earth Stone(minerals)+ water + vibration

It was when all of these were in place that organic life was born on the planet Earth.

Minerals, water and vibration none of them could have created life without the other and

In other words, I would say that these three elements are very important to our vitality.

Unfortunately, all three are lacking today.

Mineral deficiency.
For various reasons, the soil is thin, polluted and there are few minerals in the plants that can be harvested.
Many people take supplements for this reason, but their body’s ability to absorb what it needs from the food it eats is also declining.
Absorption takes place in the “intestines”.
The number of people with chronic inflammation of this intestines is very high.

We live in a time when water is no longer safe to drink.
Pesticide residue standards for even tap water have been relaxed.
Even bottled mineral water is terrible with microplus chips detected.
Besides, people today tend to choose drinks that are colored, flavored and contain additives.

And stay-home, desk work, elevator, escalator, car societies, lack of exercise.
These make it impossible for the minerals in our bodies and the vibration of the water to rub against each other and amplify the energy.

The power
by which we can create life
throw out something very important to maintain vitality.

The search for a good doctor, medications and supplements, and the transition to any new therapy may only be temporary.

The problem of the new coronavirus infection will continue to take many different forms, and other issues are expected to follow one after another.

First of all, I think it is important to get back what is the root of our life force.

Mineral, water and vibration.

Let’s touch the soil.
Save the soil.
Drink water.
Save the water.
Move your body.
Let’s make the vibration.

Why don’t we start today?

Author ; Mayumi Inoue