#10 The story of vehicle Earth

2022 . 04 . 28

Earth is not a planet that stands still, isn’t it.

The speed of the earth’s rotation is 400 meters per second!

To my surprise the speed of the earth’s rotation is 400 meters per second.
It takes 24 hours to make a round trip without this speed.
By the way, the bullet train goes 70 meters per second!
5.7 times faster than the bullet train.

What is more surprising is the speed of the earth’s revolution.
What a surprise, 30 kilometers per second…
Without this speed, it can’t revolute around the sun within 365 days.

And even more astonishing, a speed at which the solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
It’s 270 km per second…
The sun hasn’t stopped either.
It orbits the Milky Way galaxy, taking Mercury to Pluto with it.

But! Super-duper surprising, the Milky Way Galaxy has not stopped.
It’s blasting through space at a speed of 600 km per second!
In other words, the speed of the vehicle called earth is 600 km/second.

Earth is truly a miracle planet.

Even a roller coaster is hard work, but we can ride such a fast ride without a care in the world.
Have you ever wondered why?

The earth is rotating counterclockwise.
When the earth was born, the cosmic dust vortex was counterclockwise.
The sun also rotates counterclockwise.
So the solar system is a team born from the same direction of vortex rotation.

When we come out of our mother’s stomach, we also come out in a counterclockwise rotation.

Nature on this planet is a group of friends who share the same orientation, the same rhythm, the same vibrations and the same energy.
That’s why we can exist and live on Earth.

Then, what is unnatural?
I think it can be said that the direction, the rhythm, the vibrations and the type of energy are different.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people who are suffering from very painful mental and physical ailments, although no abnormalities have been found after any tests.

Convenient appliances, computers, smartphones, games, Wi-Fi, high voltage, microwaves, and the like, all emit energy that works through the same vortex, which we all share, but in very different ways.

It is difficult to make a day without contact with these things, so let’s make time for Earthing, at least on weekends.

Why don’t we go barefoot down to the earth, touch the soil, hug a tree, smell the flowers, or walk along the surf.
I believe that reminding our bodies of the direction of the natural vortex can further activate the vortex of self-healing power.

It’s getting warmer.
Come on, out! Out to the land! To the river! To the sea! To the forest!
Take the kids hand and let’s go!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue