#8 Saliva is the best stomachic.

2022 . 03 . 25

I have previously written an article titled tears are the best eye drops.

This time saliva.

Do you know how much saliva is made eveyday?
1.5 liters per day for a healthy adult‼︎
Our bodies have the ability to continue to make 1.5 liters of saliva every day. Is it working?

Saliva is not just water.
It’s really amazing.
It contains lots of oxygen and hormones.

Haven’t you ever told to put spit on it it would heal when you injured olden days.
Saliva has the power to heal inflammation.
Our saliva like our own antibiotic water wash our mouth and prevent the growth of bacteria.

It also contains a growth hormone called parotin, which supports muscle and bone growth, and cranial nerve growth factor, which activates brain function.

It has also been shown that good saliva production reduces the risk of allergies.

Our bodies can make amazing medicine on our own, but there are a lot of people who lack saliva.

Open mouth and doing mouth breathing.
Wearing a mask all the time is also the factor.
And choosing of water from which saliva is made.

What kind of water do you drink?
Do you drink just water, not colored, not flavored, just water?

Proteins called aquaporins, which selectively take in just water, as it exists in nature, and rapidly convert it to body fluids, are attached around the cells and waiting for just water to come in!

Enjoy coffee, juice, healthy tea and sometimes alcohol, of course!
But also please make a habit of drinking just water.

“I’m thirsty! Water! Nice!”
I want to raise children who can say such words and I want to continue to save such a natural good water.

We have food and drink into our bodies through our mouths every day to survive.
Needless to say, we can be healthy or unhealthy depending on that meal and quality.
Sometimes we can choose what we eat for our bodies, but sometimes we can’t.
But, it has been shown that 30 seconds of saliva detoxifies most chemicals and pesticides.

Just sending something that’s almost done detoxifying, the stomach is always fine.

When the stomach is healthy, so is the liver and the intestines!
You can be in a lighthearted mood.

A great doctor called “self-healing power” which our body has.
Let’s live more trustingly and hand in hand with it.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue