#7 The excellent physician called Self-Healing Power

2022 . 03 . 07

It’s March.

it feels warmer than before but then some days, as soon as the sun hides behind the clouds, we feel a chilly breeze.
I’m sure that many people get sick at times like this.

This year has been a winter which we had be cautious due to corona infection, but we’ve used to been dealing with catching the influenza or the whole family caught a cold every day.
We were worrying and laughing with the conversation like “oh no~, it’s so tough.”

It’s kind of dear and warm memory.

I used be a nurse and now a homeopath, so I carefully make sure if you need to go to the hospital, but most of the cases I tell homeopathic remedies and you can just rest well at home.

When you and your family sometimes get sick or loose energy you worry about them and they worry about you, and I think it’s great opportunity to experience each other that we are “living”, “being alive”, “thankfulness of health”, “happiness of being kind”, “thankfulness of depending of others”.

Hospital medicines are not the only savior.

In fact, Japan purchases 80% of the world’s Tamiflu for influenza and antibiotics are said to be used 40 times more than in Europe.
The number of fungi that are resistant to antibiotics (microorganisms that antibiotics do not work on) is also said to be the highest in the world.
It is said that 80% of Japanese people have athlete’s foot because antibiotic-resistant bacteria survive when the intestinal bacteria that do important work die off.

Many chemicals are made at 600°C.
The liver with our body temperature of 42°C cannot break it down properly.

The liver can’t go above 40 degrees if the temperature measured under the armpit is not 36.5 degrees Celsius.
The liver is an organ that can do the best job at 42°C.
Many people today have low body temperatures, and their livers which do a lot of the work, are in a state of low function and low immunity.

Of course, when it’s need it, it’s important to see a doctor and take the necessary medication for the necessary period.

But It’s possible to maintain a basic healthy body that gets better with a good night’s rest at home, depending on your daily routine and choices.

One of the most important keys to our health is the condition of the intestines.
The balance of intestinal bacteria.

The intestines do the same job for the tree as the roots.
Soil quality is important for trees.
Nutrient-rich, diverse microorganisms are supporting tree health.

Soil for humans is food.
We need microorganisms as well as minerals and nutrients.

Refined Foods
IH Cooking
Microwave Oven
Nitrous acid, etc., used extensively for coloring.
If we rely on these things, no bacteria can come in and live!

Rice, miso soup, lots of vegetables, a little meat and fish, and chew it well.
Chew, chew, chew and chew!
Support our liver and intestines in our daily life.

The number one savior is a excellent physician named Self-Healing Power within us all.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue