#6 What happens to us when we die?

2022 . 02 . 28

We live and exist with feeling our body very raw and in a physical way.

We’ll grow taller, weigh more, we hurt when we fall, and we’ll be happy when we’re hugged.

We’re getting old, our hair is getting gray, and we’ll be worried about wrinkles.

We might get sick in a named diseases with liver problems, kidney problems, and we’ll be happy and sad with the results of blood tests and

We live this physical existence.

It is said that our body is made up of 37 trillion cells.

Each of these cells is a collection of molecules.

And a molecule is a collection of elements.

Just like water is a collection of molecules called H2O, which is a collection of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

The major elements that make up our bodies are C:carbon, H:hydrogen, O:oxygen and N:nitrogen.
These are about 97% of our body parts.

The major elements that make up the universe are hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.
It’s kind of mysterious that they’re all the same except for the helium.

The reason we don’t have helium in our bodies is because if we had it, we would lose our gravitational pull and float away.

But it’s really amazing how much our bodies and the universe share the same thing.

Now, trees and fish, including our bodies, turn black when they are burned.
This is because the biological element is charcoal.
So it’s carbon.

This carbon can be turned into diamond by simply changing its structure.

Diamonds, trees, us.
All of these will one day burn up and return to the universe.

When human being is cremated, the carbon atoms in the body become carbon dioxide, and released into the air.
If they were evenly dispersed in the air 10 kilometers above the Earth, a liter of air anywhere on the planet would contain 120,000 pieces of carbon that formed the body before birth.

Once I was heard that we become stars to the question what happens to us when we die.
It was a memory from my childhood, but I remember feeling strangely relieved.
I still love to look at the night sky.

I hope that one day, when we return our body to the universe, we can be one of the stars that shine brightly, so let’s polish the diamonds in our bodies, polish our souls, and let them shine, and live!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue