#5 Quality of life starts with

selecting what we wear.

2022 . 02 . 13

It’s a blessing to be able to spend time with the people you love, your beloved children, and lovely animals.
It is known that the hormone oxytocin is released when we feel good through skinship.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is a hormone that makes you want to love, cherish and trust the person in front of you.
Other benefits include suppressing the stress response and improving memory.
Skin ship is important!

But the thing with whom we have the longest skin-to-skin contact throughout our life is actually a fabric.
At the moment of birth, we are naked but after that, clothing and nakedness touch each other for most of the day.

The skin is not just a membrane that surrounds the body, it’s an important immune system that supports our health.

Our skin is home to many microorganisms, and the good ones eat sweat and sebum and excrete glycerin and fatty acids as poo.

Glycerin acts as a moisturizer and the fatty acids keep our skin mildly acidic.

Many pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive in an acidic environment, so a healthy skin protects us from infection and inflammation.

In addition, it has been found that the skin senses temperature, light, sound and oxygen levels. It’s like a brain that surrounds us from the outside.

What kind of clothing we choose for our wonderful skin is directly related to the health of our mind and body, so I believe that clothing selection plays an important role in preventive medicine.

Just as our hearts are warmed and satisfied when we feel comfort and love in skin-to-skin contact with people and animals, if we feel comfort and love in skin-to-skin contact with people and clothing, we will be able to spend the whole day feeling light and full in both mind and body.

Quality of life starts with selecting what we wear.

First, underwear.
Are you able to choosing underwear that is comfortable to wear on your skin?
Just by changing from chemical fiber underwear that causes static electricity, makes your skin feel dry and cools you down to natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, linen and silk, you can sleep better, feel less irritable and be less tired.

And clothing.
What kind of people, what kind of thoughts, what kind of materials were used to make them?
Clothing that shows kindness and sincerity in it can surely be treasured very much.
Clothing that feels good to the touch and makes our skin happy and makes oxytocin.
And it’s great if it has exciting and fun!

I love tamaki niime clothing.
I hope to add a few more throughout my life.
First and foremost, it feels good.
Clothing that is softly clothed with wind and light, and that does not disconnect me from nature.
And it’s fun to wear!!
So many colors are woven together in an interesting and free way and it has wonderful world, bold and unconventional design, but it goes well with the Japanese physique as well.
Even a bright color it curiously suits us.

Let’s make 2022 a great year to think, learn and have fun with our lifelong skinship partner, clothing!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue