#4 Tears are the best for eye drops.

2022 . 01 . 16

As we spend more and more time looking at screens on TV, cell phones, PC, and games, the phenomenon called dry eyes is becoming more and more common among children.

This is due to the fact that staring at the screen reduces the number of times you blink, and reduces blood flow.
Tears are made from blood.

When you get dust in your eyes or have irritation, are you able to having tears properly?

Tears are said to be the cleanest water of all the fluids produced by our body.
It is very important for eyesight, visual ability, anti-inflammatory power and eye beauty to be able to keep the delicately made eyes moist with tears.

There is another reason for poor blood flow to the eyes.

It’s Liver fatigue.

Our eyes, which work tirelessly while we are awake, it always need fresh blood, quality blood that flows easily.
Even a slight decrease in blood quality, such as a tired liver and reduced detoxification ability can be damaged to our eyes.

Eye problems can be said a SOS from our liver.

If you eat too much, eat too fast, drink too much, eat right before you go to bed or consume too much alcohol, caffeine or chemicals, your liver will get overwhelmed.
Getting irritated over trivial things is also a sign of liver fatigue.

If you are concerned about eyestrain, dry eyes or eye irritation, ask yourself whether you are blinking enough and your liver is not tired.
Buying eye drops from drug stores may be good, but tears made from your own blood are the best eye drops.
The wellness of your eyes is supported by the health of your liver.

Our bodies and our time are finite.
Something could happen tomorrow and you could lose your sight.
If that’s the case, what would you like to see today?

Our eyes can capture the view of people, animals and nature, near, far and further away, rather than the screen.

The Miracle of being able to see.

Hope this miracle will continue for as long as one day.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue