#22 sense of sight means seeing with God's eyes

2022 . 12 . 17

Continuing from the previous story, we are going to talk about the five senses.
The sensibility to see. “Sight”.

By the way, do you know there are lots of Chinese characters for “Sight”?

“See”. . . to put into sight.
To perceive the existence of things with the eyes.

“Watch”… to look at, to look at carefully.

“inspect”… to look at carefully. Gaze, stare. To examine.

“examine”… Examine the medical condition and make a decision.

“look after”… to watch over, care for, or nurse.

Our eyes are working in diverse ways at each moment, aren’t they?

In those, there’s a word “sight” in the five senses, and it’s not “see”, “look”, or “examine”

I think it is important that Chinese character for “inspect” was chosen.

The difference between “just looking at the images that come to you in on their own” and “with intention, look, feel, examine the changes and decide what to do” are completely different senses.

There are only 24 hours in a day and it’s a series of irreplaceable moments.

Much of that time is spent for staring at a smartphone screen without intending to or staring at a TV screen.
We say good-bye
and welcome home
without ever seeing each other’s faces.
Beyond the eyes, there is always an unintended “screen”.

We have to see your face when you say see you later
otherwise we can’t tell the difference when you’re home.

You had a good time today.
You’re well today as well.
You might have a difficult time today.
You seem to be having a hard time today.

With intention, use our eyes, feel and examine the changes.

That way, what actions to take will come naturally.
That’s what vision is for.

And the Chinese character for “see” has a meaning related to “god”.

Vision is
I believe it can be interpreted as “seeing with God’s eyes.”

Are you using your eyes as the eyes of God?

The expressions and scenes of beloved family members and friends
The miraculous views that nature shows us as the seasons change

Our face in the mirror which is aged but still lovely why don’t we look at it with more care?

Because tomorrow you may not be able to see it.
Because sight is not promised to be eternal.
And we can only use God’s eyes for the time we are alive.
The screen faces with intention.
Look at your phone or PC with a purpose.
When the purpose is gone, make up your mind and put it down for a moment.

And let’s turn those eyes to the world!
Our loved ones are surely waiting for our eyes and our gaze.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue