#2 My air cleaner

2021 . 12 . 29

Breathe through our nose
This is not the norm anymore, is it?
we may have a blocked nose due to rhinitis, or we may be a habitual mouth breather.

There’re many good things if we breathe from our nose.

Nasal hair prevents most dust, pollen, and microbes from entering our body.

There’re many immune cells that fight against pathogenic microorganisms in mucous membrane of our nose.

A healthy adult makes 1.5 liters of nasal mucus a day and
in paranasal cavity, we use half of it to humidify the air to 90% which we breathe in through our nose.

No matter how dry the air is
it is humidified and it sent to the lungs
so the lungs are always moist and healthy.

Also cold air can be heated up to 35-36 degrees Celsius.

Just by breathing in through our nose, clean, humid and warm air is being sent to our lungs.

Furthermore, in My air cleaner called paranasal cavity
something called nitric oxide is made.
Nitric oxide promotes blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.
Just breathe through our nose,
nitric oxide which is sent to our lungs goes directly to our whole body and contributes to the improvement of blood flow.

It’s amazing isn’t, how our body works!!

Breathing through our mouth means all of these things are not working.

Dust, pollen and microorganisms may be taken directly into our lungs.
If the air arrives dry and the temperature cold, the lungs will be dry and cold, lowering the immune system.

We can’t even have nitric oxide when we breathe through our mouth.

A very cold winter season is coming.
Winter is a season when acute respiratory infections, mainly colds tend to spread.
I think the key to getting through this lightly is to keep our lungs healthy.

Preparation is to be able to breathe through our nose properly.

Why don’t we first spend some time trusting and utilizing our body’s natural functions.

Author ; Mayumi Inoue