#30 Yeah Year

2020 . 12 . 29

I have a friend who has a favourite phrase: ‘Yeah’.
There are always good lucks around her.
It is easy to think “Wow, this is the law of attraction!?”, but she cheers to do best by herself first.

In this 2020, did you call your lucks by yourself

saying “Yeah !!” ??

In my case, since I came back from Tonga by situation of COVID-19,
I always always miss the sound of waves and the beautiful sea made me more empty.
However, at the same time, I could try a lot of things because I am here in Japan.

I think this year was one funny year.
Moreover, I recognised many times this world is full of the “ しらないことだらけ”.
I appreciate you that you seek many worlds together through this article.

Next year is the year of the cow ( Ushi in Japanese).

I want to make it smilling year saying


I would also like to make “しらないことだらけ” something fantastic you feel ,“Yeah!!”, after reading.
Thank you very much in advance for next year.

Author ; Miki Kato