#16 Coexistence with the earth

2020 . 05 . 14

Hi, long time no see !! How are you living well with coronavirus ??
It was Earth day , a day to think about the global environment on the 22nd of April.
Coronavirus affect on our health and life but how about for the earth ??

We are getting some good news about environment issues after lockdown or something like that in all of the world.
NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) showed satellite images of dramatic changes in NO2 (nitrogen dioxide, an air pollutant emitted mainly from cars and factories) in Wuhan, China, where the new corona originated on 3rd of March.
Many people were shocked from it , weren’t you ??

It was not just in China.
Even in New York ,where has the largest number of deaths of Corona various in the world ,it seems that one of pollution called PM2.5 has fallen to half.
In Delhi, India, which is said the worst polluted city in the world , was required to refrain from going out due to sharp rise in PM2.5 in November 2019. But now, the blue sky seems to be spreading . It seems that the Himalayas have become clearly visible for the first time in 30 years in city further north of Delhi.
In Venice, Italy , which is famous for sightseeing , beauty of waterway is returning little by little otherwise it has polluted by over-tourism.

Of course, I know another opinion that these sighs would not lead to improvement in climate change .Because those changes are only due to temporary suspension of economic action .So a reboot will bring back like they used to.
After all, there are a lot of people who want to rewind.
In addition, the others predict environmental problems will worsen as more companies will be plagued by an environmental measures.


No improvement if we want economic activity to be as great or more pre-corona shock.

Just before I came back to Japan, It happened in my head
“Yeah, this tempo. This slow lifestyle tempo like doing nothing for me , Japanese is a real secret to keeping the sea very very clean!! “
People in developed countries might have spent a life enough fast to burden the environment more than we were aware of.
I wonder how many people in the future will use this pandemic to seriously face not only with their lives but also with the environmental issues that have been ignored until now.

At this time, We should not forget that it’s one of positivity we can get a solution about Corona Vairus with our getting serious to environmental issue such as air pollution.
How many people carried out the current economic activities noticing air pollution such as PM2.5 will affect our immune system of the respiratory system?? I wonder if it was being done after disclosing a specific number between economic activity and mortality.

WHO( World Health Organisation ) reported around 7 million people die each year from air pollution.
According to a study by Stanford University in the United States, this improvement in air pollution has saved up to 77,000 lives in China alone.
(On the contrary, 208,973 people were dead by coronavirus .( As of April 28th))
Our actions come back to us.

Now, my personal concern is 5G.
Many people suggest the danger of 5G and Coronavirus infection(health problems).
It is very worrisome that the self-restraining life will continue for a long time, and at the same time, the demand for 5G will increase with the effects on the human body being unclear, such as online meetings, online courses, online drinking parties.
Of course, internet is essential nowadays. There is no reason we will not move to 5G.
So, that is why we need to learn how to use it .

This is because I felt the effects of electromagnetic waves while living in isolation for two weeks in Tokyo. Because it was the quarantine period for the new corona for returnees from overseas, I took the temperature every morning and evening.

Surprisingly, my body temperature was around 37.0 with no symptoms everyday.

It was not suspicion temperature , over 37.5 degrees ,about coronavirus.
I didn’t feel any symptom not only coronavirus like cough but also any feeling of physical laziness or fever that would normally be felt as 37 degrees. And a good appetite , I enjoyed every meal.
This is what happened,,,,health care doctor judged it’s not COVID-19.

When I return to parents’ house in Aichi and get normal temperature , I could only think I was like in the microwave oven in Tokyo.
We don’t know how much 5G was already introduced in Tokyo.So my body might react not 5G just 4G.
After all, I was in a small small island with very weak radio wave.
If so, that is more dangerous. I would like to ask experts to research and publicise the effects of electromagnetic waves and the human body.

We , human being have always pursued “convenient’ world.
Those steps gave us present life , We know.
However,I feel that it might too fast compared to the rhythm of the earth.
It is said that we can see many sea turtles are gathering on beaches where no one in Hawaii , and wild animals are being spotted around private houses in some cities .
( An antelope was found in Nagoya, Aichi closed to my region, too.)

In reality, it might be that animals and humans can coexist closer together.

Let’s take a pinch!!
A chance to explore a beautiful world for nature, animal and human on the earth.

Author ; Miki Kato