#15 What will japan be ??

2020 . 04 . 10

I returned to Japan temporarily! I’m currently staying in Tokyo for 14 days.
Even though there are no COVID-19 infected people in Tonga, but the airport was completely closed and the town was under lockdown. So I am still surprised at the number of people in Tokyo.
By the way, what will the Japanese give priority to from now on? ?

Everyone, have you taken corona measures perfect? Do you think “I’m OK” even nothing to do?
Thought you are alright, for important people around you, little babies you see in a town , elders who supported the development of Japan, are you sure you are a not an intermediary?

To be honest, about COVID-19, I thought, “Is this right !?”.

I do not think that what can be done in Tonga with a population of 100,000 can be done in Japan with a population of 127 million.
Still, in Tonga where there is no coronavirus infection, if you go out you will be interrogated, supermarkets and banks will have limited number of people entering the store, and if you are outside after 8 o’clock at night might be taken away to prison. As I just spent those days before I left, I wonder why everyone can walk in a lot of risks.

In addition, the quarantine gave a glimpse of the weakness of the system. At the transit point Australian airport, the social distance (2m) could be absolutely protected with marks on the floor, and the staff’s protection was quite serious. On the other hand, when it comes to airports in Japan, it is the first day that quarantine has been strengthened, but there is no social distance, the staff are close together with only masks. Returnees from various countries are packed in the same room. Due to the structure of the airport, it was not hermetically sealed. But I felt it seemed easy to get any viruses because of the cold environment and no foods at the airport.

They have been banned from travelling by public transport and have been forced to spend 14 days in a hotel. However, nearly 5,000 have already been infected in Tokyo. We should not spend a time in Tokyo. After that period, we might bring coronavirus to the other areas.
Japan has always been clean and no culture of hugging and kissing. That may have hindered the surge.
However, my friend’s Facebook post gave me a detailed of my favourite country France, so I got more afraid.
(Summary below)
~ In France, March 1 had 130 cases and two fatalities.
March 14th, with 4,500 cases and 91 fatalities, is similar to the current situation in Japan. (4577 infected, 104 fatalities at 6 of April)
Four days later, a ban on curfew was issued on March 17 with 7730 cases and 175 fatalities.The number of deaths has increased about 50 times since then, has 68605 cases,7560 fatalities on April 5.
In some areas, medical collapse has occurred. Both the number of patients and the number of deaths are increasing every day. ~

In news, it was reported that some wholesale markets had become morgues.

It may be today that the current number of cases in Japan will increase tenfold and one hundredfold. Or maybe tomorrow.
And I’m a little worried that even if we take strict measures ‘ rock down’ right now, it may not be fast enough.

I am also worried about the public’s response to national measures.
Two masks per household, indeed, not enough for a family of two or more.
But you can make a cloth mask.
Today, I saw a man covering his mouth with a handkerchief

And surely, in a country like Japan, more people may be afflicted by economic blows than by the viruses themselves. Many people suffer from social structure from before. It is very difficult to make a choice “do not work” or “do not go out”.While life is at stake and there is no guarantee of “how long”. I think it’s because Japanese people are hard-working, serious, and always consider the future properly.

However, how many people know about the expansion of special measures for employment adjustment subsidies? SMEs will be able to receive up to 90% of the subsidies paid for their leave. Also, it seems that the target has been expanded to short-time employees, that is, part-time jobs.

And if you will be actually deprived of your freedom of action, be watched your actions, or if things go on top of COVID-19, the dignity of life may be lost.
It might be too much to lose due to it, too much to strengthen COVID-19 measures. So who decides the basic human rights of an individual? We are. Our country is a country that thinks and appeals morally, economically and technically, about the option of living in various ways, isn’t it ??

On the island where I lived in Tonga, there was no privacy.
When I woke up early in the morning and unusually baked a cake, where did you look!?, everyone in the workplace asked me ” What cake did you bake?”
When I went to the next island connected by road on a holiday, I went without saying anything to anybody and my neighbour asked me “What did you do on the next island?”
I was surprised at first and felt like I was being watched all the time, and thought that we should avoid strange behaviour for the Tongans. I didn’t feel “free”.
There was no force, of course, but on the contrary, it was natural for the islanders to “watch out ” and “take care ” for each other, so for me, I had to get used to it.
Because of the Tongan people who always have many “eyes” without force, even if lockdown occurs, there is no particular change, and there may have been a usual peaceful everyday life. That is why they always said even to us foreigners who we don’t know, “We will eat !” or ” No problem ?”

I think it depends on what you are used to be.
Everything has a “good side” and a “bad side”, and I think that depending on yourself or the community to which you belong, you may be able to think in any way.
Even in such a situation, I suppose it’s required our own careful judgment and calm action , instead of blaming anyone for suffering.
Isn’t it very Japanese and is being challenged with the Japanese sense of virtue?

At least, I think it’s good to find a way keep your heart peaceful and your body healthy individually.
Because I refrain from going out,
I want to open the window and bathe in the sun,
cook the freshest food as carefully as possible,
seed with your family for this situation.

With those feelings, I remember the laughter of the Tongan people and the deep blue sky.

I want to demonstrate the power of Yamato Nadeshiko, which is more powerful than forcing and get a chance to create a bright future everyone together.
I hope we can enjoy “Hanami” under cherry blossoms with a good laugh next year.

Last but not least, please love yourself.

Author ; Miki Kato