#13 What do you chose from Kolona panic ?

2020 . 03 . 12

Hello ,everyone!!
How is it going with Measles or Kolona veils ??
What’s happening in invisible world ??
And the difference of correspondence each countries will teach us what ??

Pandemic was happened about each 100 years.
Pest was in 1720, Cholera was in around 1820, Spanish      was in 1920 and Kolona will be in 2020 !?

If this is a one cycle , it seems the earth catches a cold each 100 years.
What is the overwork for support human or animals and gives Kolona!?
Who can survive and when it will be cool down…. at that time, how will be Japan or all of the world !?

The Japanese judge like closing of school in March is hard for workaholic Japanese,
isn’t it !? Still, there are the pros and the cons, but, imagine, the discontinuance of gathering people could control the peak of infections.
After virus was happen, maybe the number of the infected people  will not be changed .However, it seems to be able to keep up with the situation so that many people suddenly become serious and the hospital does not panic. After all, life is the most important.

One the other hand, Tonga has,,,,

one doubt-full person showed up and we are waiting second test resort.
For now, they prohibited cruise ships from overseas to enter the port. 
It might be few minutes infected person will happen because we open the gate from the sky.
We,Japanese, may escape to New Zealand.
(It’s sure living in small islands is more satiety ,but when we will be influenced from Kolona veils , there are two benefits .One is  more relief in a country with the modern medical system. The other is we shouldn’t influence to Tongan people.)   

Moreover, there is only one decision of my island in Tonga  .
Yes, every Chinese mini shops are closed .
The top of island, governor and owners of shops discussed and decided to avoid  defame Chinese or any Asian.

I heard that Asian were called「Kolona」and looked like bacteria in many countries ,but Tongan people worried about us. Nevertheless ,governor decided it not to get any fight relate to Chinese after Kolona will be spread over in Tonga. I really appreciated to him and I am feeling his kindness.   

Tongans are very calm without panic about it .They look very normal same as cyclone . 
Of course , it’s good we can buy anything if we knocked the door,,,
I’m feeling difference watching Japanese toilet paper or musk uproar.  

We can’t say assertion exactly , but I strongly  suppose that we can get a confidence of life if we grow food or not.

tamaki niime staffs grow rice,also.
Is it for a some accidents??
Of course, one purpose of growing food is to secure it for the future. 

Now, I ‘m sure it’s one mean that we live comfortable at this moment! It’s for now , too.
At the last, I will introduce you the word of Bill Mollison of Permaculture.

“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production,

even if on a small scale, in our own gardens.

If only 10% of us do this there is enough for everyone. 

Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, 

who depend on the very systems they attack,

 and who produce words and bullets, 

not food and shelter.


Permaculture is a dance with nature which nature leads

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex the solutions remain embarrassingly simple

Let’s start growing plants, 

start small, 

enjoy the harvest, 

and even a leaf of         will expand the infinite world from there.

Turn your garbage into soil with compost 

and become a facilitator of the cycle of life.

The life

The life 

The life”

Author ; Miki Kato