#12 Colour

2020 . 02 . 29

I like tamaki niime’s lively and independent shade of colours.
Precisely,I like colours.
After I started to live in Tonga, I’m doubting the exists of colours what I’m watching.

We live in 「spectral world」

If there is no light, no more “colour” ??
What is no colour ??
Is it black ? White? Transparent?
Because night is dark, my imagination of it is black, but I don’t want to stick my head as the night sky is black even stars and the moon are twinkling ,

We can get any information through internet, but I want to keep the mystery to mystery.

Sorry for the off topic but the colourful world is very interesting!!
My colour-blind friend told me that he sees a different colour compared with us without chromosome for feeling some colours.
He said
「The sky is blue. So I said it’s blue. But I must see it something like purple in your world.」

I remember that I wondered he watched totally different from my view but
we lived in the same world .

When the sky or the sea change the colour every second, it always remains me him .
And I think「What the colour is this view for him??」
Above all,I imagine to next person「What are you watching ?? 」

Especially the clouds !! They change to any colour due to light and that clouds will shade multiple colours in the sky.
Colouring matter ,the reflection of light , and colour responses on our eyes.
My view seems real and also doubt. It must a miracle for me.

Moreover, I heard that “Because there is a word ,so we can have conscious for it .”
I think colour is absolutely the same.

Of course ,Tongan people don’t use 「peach」because Tongans skin is like brown.
(Well, skin colour is different each other,so we use less now in Japan,too)
I asked Tongan what is the colour of this Minny mouse face with a key holder.
She asked “melomelo(blown)” after a bit confuse even it was perfect “peach”.

Watching my skin getting brown like them day by day, I thought 「peach」esplesses very old Japanese.

Japanese colour name gives us Japanese colouring sense.
For example, pink is pink.
Pink has no cute and kindly imagination of “MOMOIRO”.
Maybe it’s not only me.

I want to be proud of our sensibility as some of Japanese colour names were from flowers or plants.

Compering with Japanese, Tonga has a few original colour names.

uli, (black), hinehina(white), kulokula(red), moli(orange), engeenga(yellow) lanu mata(green), melomelo(blown) Finish!?
pulū(blue),pingiki(pink),vāleti(violet), kulei(grey) are from English.
How about yellow-green ,green and dark green !?

I tried to ask to Tongan
yellow-green is mata (green) , green is mata (green) ,dark green is mata (green).

Yellow, golden yellow
Vermilion, red, deep red
Yellow-green, green, dark green
Light blue, blue, ultramarine, violet、navy
Grey, peach , camel, brown, black

I wonder if we see the same world for Japanese who use those colours basically and Tongan.

Well, it’s very petty why there is no original word for Tongan beautiful sky and the sea !!

Instead, they have a word for multiple colour ,”pulepule”.
How did they use it….

It might be Japanese way I ‘m thinking such a small small thing.

Now. what colour is the world you are watching ??

Author ; Miki Kato