#6 Can you say ‘ NO to PlASTIC’ ??

2019 . 12 . 12

I don’t need a plastic bag. 
Why you can say it ? Why we don’t want to use it ?
I think maybe you heard some information about plastic or influences of it ,or it became to take a cost suddenly,,,, you had had some experiences with a plastic.., are’t you ??
Recently, I ‘m feeling a big bias with those ‘ information’ or ‘ experience’.
At the same time, I suspect a relationship between  enough information or not enough it for our better life.

I white this blog from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere and behind the earth through  internet. What is key words to know tamaki niime ??

「Bansyu-textile」「cotton」「natural harvest」、、、
If we put a key word, Internet must give us a huge amount of information.
However if you don’t have any idea related the key word , you couldn’t get any informations.Person who don’t know about one thing might  not know forever, person who start to know it might get many many information though he hasn’t get any experience.

I  haven’t imaged what is effect from it until I was made a fool of when I picked up rubbish on a road.

 Yeah, when I picked rubbish ,I was laughed and  laughed from my colleagues and they humped me and said ‘Are you sick ??’ . It was too surprised  and too woeful . I couldn’t choke back my rage and sorrow.

Why they can throw rubbish at any where ?
Have they thought where will them rubbish go to in front of this beautiful sea !?
Don’t they think rubbish will make the sea dirty , fish will become not healthy and we eat it at the last ??

They never care my annoyance and almost all  Tongan think picking rubbish is for pickers.
Does’t matter if there is rubbish on a load, it falls from them hands very naturally.
It is said the reason why people live in warm or hot areas often throw it out is it’s same as banana skin for them. 

Is it really ?? They don’t know anything still now ??
Is there no chance to see how we are trying about rubbish or plastic ??

There is a internet news , also a radio is very important in Tonga.
Newspaper is not every day, but there is. 

Even we have those information, consciousness is too different. It gave me a big shock to live here in Tonga.
Title of newspaper or magazine , commercial like hanging poster ,,, I felt a big effect of information what we can catch in eyes unconsciously..

If those differences of information make our action, I live correctly?
Now, Am I fit with Tonga and trying better life for a human in the earth??
I ‘m thinking much more things day by day because we could say by ourselves. 

The fact what they don’t know anything made me irritated, but If I compere with  developed countries like Japan , Tonga is very healthy life for the earth otherwise rubbish problems.
We correct rubbish in a forest eventually .
So, no deal if we throw it on a road or the sea or pick it .

I have a doubt that internet is making more and more information gap and a question that if we know everything , so what ?? 

Ahh, well
It’s good less rubbish life in Japan, in Tonga, and in all of the world, isn’t it ??
Not only rubbish, I want to live eco-friendly, 
How about you ,guys??

Author ; Miki Kato