#5 A rugby player came with a holiday!

2019 . 12 . 09

Hello, everyone!!
Have you enjoyed the rugby world cup 2019 in Japan a lot !?
Rugby is very popular as people think  a sport equal rugby in Tonga.
How they love rugby !? 
If a rugby team had well done, we can get one more national holiday!!

What ??One more holiday ?? Did you hear??
A,,, well,,,,
Tongan team didn’t win  the world cup.,,
They didn’t win any national competition.,,

What’s  happen is 
Our Tongan team, Mate ma’a Tonga, won to very strong Australian team on Saturday at 2nd of November.
They had’t  win to Australia for very long time!!
It’s like a festival for Tongans !!

I went to a town to watch a game on a big screen .
It was huge fever when the Tongan team won.
People were there danced a lot  , shouted a lot 、and they drove and blow the horn for a long time.

And then, We got a national holiday to celebrate them on Friday at 15th of November ,
It needs to do with all of Tongans.
It is surprised for Japanese (or the other countries ), isn’t it !?
However, I heard they also got a holiday when Tongan team won  third or 4th prise on a national cup.
Well, I must feel rugby is very special for Tongans.

I can imagine that Tongans were very happy and made a big fun  in a capital island, Tongatapu.
My friend lives there took self-photos with a player.

Siosua Taukeiaho player from Pukotara, Kaovai island (One of Ha’apai islands), came our Ha’apai islands on 16th of November.
After 30min pray and cerebration at an airport, he turned around an island where we have the airport ,and then he went his village ,Pukotara .
I went to the airport to see that cerebration .

The Biggest fever in the celebration  was the moment when Sioosiua player said 
「,,,,,Tamasi’i Ha’apai.」(I’m a Ha’apai men)
I felt becoming more  hot with people wearing Tongans red.
They love this phrase.
I also have said this in a self introduce.
「’Oku ou ta’ahine  Ha’apai mei ‘ahoni」(I’m a Ha’apai lady from today.)
My colleges were very happy and still now I was said it , you are Ha’apai lady.

Same as after the game, it was the storm of car horns.
Many people ride a track that Siosiua ride on and almost all of islanders followed the track. It exists a rule , but some police cars didn’t work as a protection.

It’s very popular from long time ago in not only Tonga, but also many Pacific islands.
Maybe you know ‘ Haha ‘ that All Blacks shows before games. They are Maoli.
I heard that Maoli people from New Zealand to Pacific Islands is fit for ragby. One of their original favourite beaver is  a dart,,,, 

There is another story.
When I sow that my colleges slowed coconuts like a rugby ball , I thought a rugby is very close with a life. 
What sports are like that for Japanese,,,??
Well, , , Judo? Kendo? Sumo?? Maybe ‘siko’ style of Sumo would be similar with a body position which we plant a rice  !? 

One nice point is for me, Japanese is what we are very close with players.
After a game, it’s possible to shake hands, take photos together, get autographs , whatever ! 
One day, I had been said “ Thanks” in Japanese because many Tongans play in Japan,
Mr. Nakasima Lesileli  and Mr. Val Asaeli Ai is From Tonga in a National team Japan.

I hope  rugby become more and more popular sport.
When will we make a supporter team from tamaki niime !?

Author ; Miki Kato