tamaki niime


clothes only for you

We call our finished garment a work and
deliver to our customers one by one with care.
Our each directly managed shop
has a different character.
Please feel and experience all our shops.


Shop & Lab

tamaki niime main shop is located
in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.
While experiencing the manufacturing site
at the Lab which is located
in the same building, you can find your own unique work.



The select shop is a 5-minute drive
from the main shop in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Not only tamaki niime's works and fabrics,
but also things that tamaki niime thinks are good
and superb near Hyogo and Nishiwaki etc.,
we sell woven goods, small goods and food.



A white and rounded shape building located in Machida City, Tokyo.
Built by a famous architect,
it was used as a residence for 20 years.
There is a happiness of being able to choose your own clothes
in a building with beds, balcony
and more where you can feel the life.